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New Email address which is shared by the Beaver Leaders

6th Benton Beavers email address is 6thbentonbeavers@bentonscouts.org.uk


We urgently need help during group, could you offer an hour a week to assist with the group? If so please speak to a leader at the next meeting or email us per above address.

Our Group

Our Beaver Colony meets on a Wednesday evening from 5:30 - 6:30 pm and takes part in a wide and varied series of activities.


Beavers are our youngest members,who enjoy all that Scouting has to offer; being introduced to outdoor activities, having the opportunity to be creative, explore their local community and experience the excitement of a Beaver Scout Sleepover with their friends.



During their time in the the group, Beaver Scouts will get a chance to try a wide range of different activities as well as going on trips, days out, and on sleepovers. Participation rather than meeting set standards is the key approach, and there are a range of challenge awards and badges available that Beaver Scouts can gain during their time in the section to recognise their achievements. We have a great sucess rate for the Bronze Chief Scouts Award which is the highest award for a Beaver. 


The Beaver Scout Promise

I promise to do my best
To be kind and helpful
And to love God.

Please note - we are an open group and offer alternative promises please speak to a leader for further information.


The Beaver Scout Motto

Be prepared


Uniform and Flags

Beaver Scouts wear a turquoise sweatshirt with our Group necker which is black and gold along with the woggle for their lodge.  



Parents and carers can follow our closed group on Facebook search 6th Benton Scouts Group - Obviously Scouting and requst to be member. This will be approved by a Leader and offers photo's & links as to what we are doing during our meetings.

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